Our mission

Our goal is to share with all customers the possibility of obtaining a real reduction in the costs of energy supplies and a concrete contribution to respecting the environment.

Since 2007 we have been offering the most innovative and ingenious solutions for energy saving and renewable energy through the first dedicated online store: IoRisparmioEnergia.com

Thanks to the proven quality of the service and constant updating, we have been selected by over 100 internationally renowned companies to market the over 700 products in the catalogue.

We offer suppliers customized packages for the distribution and visibility of their products.

Sustainable environmental management in our opinion

Saros srl is committed to reducing its environmental impact, continuing to improve its work cycle with the aim of contributing to the fight against climate change. In addition to protecting the environment, we are also concerned with protecting the communities in which we work. We constantly improve the environmental performance of our activities through the use of a sustainable, streamlined and effective operating model, increasingly digital, which benefits from the strong involvement of employees.

For Saros, Responsibility is an integral part of company management before it is environmental. Our commitment is applied through:

• The use of alternative and renewable energy sources;
• Support for the purchase of energy efficient products and services;
• The study of processes that increase energy efficiency;
• The reduction of waste production and the promotion of recycling;
• The reduction of emissions through the use of less polluting materials;
• The use of sustainable materials and the reuse and recycling of materials;
• Collaboration with suppliers who are committed to reducing their carbon emissions;
• Training activities dedicated to employees and suppliers.

Our commitment

We have installed a 70 kWp photovoltaic system connected to the grid with on-site exchange.
This power is largely sufficient to cover all our activities.

We join the ERP (European Recycling Platform) consortium for the payment of WEEE contributions relating to marketed products